Learn To Fly An Airplane This Weekend

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fly a plane, now’s your chance to learn at Freeway Aviation in Bowie, Maryland.  I promise, you’ll feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun! Watch this episode:



  • a thought by Kim Milbourne

    I LOVED this webisode! I still LOVE 2 fly, but you are a LOT more daring than I to be a pilot!!!

    I think I’ll stay with the activities that “World Next Door TV” suggests that are on the ground!!!

    Can’t wait for the next adventure……


  • a thought by Tauna

    Sonya… thanks for the info… i took a flying lesson when i was in Florida…I even did a touch down…Loved it… thanks for letting me know about a place to go that’s so close by…I will be flying again soon. BTW…I took a friend on the Segway and Terrapin Adventure…awesome stuff…keep them coming. I love your Website!!



  • a thought by LaVerne Whitley

    I think that your episodes in showing what we have in our area is really cool, Keep up the good work. You are so brave and so very blessed by God to have a wonderful talent. Enjoyed this episode as all of the others. Thanks for Being!



  • a thought by Matt

    Really loved how this turned out! We’ve already gotten some feedback from people that have viewed the link from our own website. Again, we certainly enjoyed having you out at Freeway. Best of luck w/ all of your future episodes. Can’t wait to see them!


  • a thought by Ian

    Hey great video! Well done. Great promo for Freeway. It is a nice-FAA regulations notwithstanding – place to fly out of. Marcel and the rest of the staff are really helpful, and the planes are very well maintained. Good job!


  • a thought by 172pilot

    Hi! Stumbled across your website while looking for something cool to do with the family for an upcoming weekend, and saw this one on flying.. You did great, and you had first-class training. I trained at Freeway in the mid ’90s, and have been flying ever since. I think you should finish up your lessons and become a pilot – It’ll give you more range for your weekend adventures!


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