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I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to fly high among the clouds – to have nothing between me and the ground but air.  Well, I finally got my chance to experience flight from the vantage point of my winged friends – there is nothing quite like the freedom of skydiving!  … and I’m eager to do it again!

I traveled an hour and a half outside of Washington, DC to Orange, Virginia to check out Skydive Orange – they came highly recommended and I see why: The staff is knowledgeable, puts safety first, and has a lot of fun. It’s the most fun you can have falling from a plane at 120 miles per hour – You should definitely try it too! (Aerial photos/video courtesy of Lambert at Skydive Orange)

Visit their website for more information:



  • a thought by Sykes

    Girl, Are you trying out for stunt woman next? LOL! But for real that was awesome! Take care.

    John Sykes


  • a thought by stella

    Jamie is one brave and adventursome soul…I am scared of you sister girl!


  • a thought by Cherelle

    Awesome! Not sure if I am there yet, but maybe one day I will be and now I know that I do not have to travel far. Thanks for sharing!


  • a thought by BNicole

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is also one of the items on my bucket list. Seeing you do it, makes me want to go ahead and get this marked off my list sooner rather than later!


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