Costa Rican Adventure Vacation

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What’s better than visiting one of the most adventurous places on the planet?  Visiting with friends! I have to say that my first time in Costa Rica was choc full of awesomeness. There were sights and sounds that I had not seen nor heard before and I couldn’t get over how much there was to do; zip lining; horseback riding, white-water kayaking, hiking and so much more. And the howler monkeys definitely keep me on my toes because when they roared, it sounded as if King Kong himself was coming through the trees.

I loved just about everything about my visit (well, everything but the bugs) – and although I have added a check next to this destination on the ole’ bucket list – I definitely hope to return one day with a longer list and stronger bug repellent.


  • a thought by LBurch

    Hi there!

    What hotel did you stay in for your Costa Rica trip? Looks like you’ll had a ball. Just discovered your page, so looking forward to what’s to come.


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